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communication écrite
Presenting your own company is
no easy task.
How should we describe who we
are and what we do?
How can we grab your attention, win you over and keep you online?
How do we make sure people
actually read this stuff, take it in
and understand what it's all about?
What information and messages
do we want to get across?
How do we choose the right angle, editorial style and le mot juste?
What are the right communication vehicle, layout and style?
Do you realize how many questions we have to ask ourselves before
even typing the first word?!
But don't get us wrong, we're not complaining! After all, if there was
no thinking, no skill and experience involved in designing and producing written communication for business, then our expertise would be wasted and, say, we'd have to find ourselves another job….

Encarnacion Gimenez
& Catherine Vergnolle